GREEN SPORTS® is market and innovation leader, with 40+ products In more than 10 categories of sports infrastructure and related segments, and has opened many new opportunities to enjoy exercise, sports and a healthy lifestyle to people in the 15 years.

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GREEN SPORTS®: we are your ONE-STOP-SHOP for planning, installation and maintenance of innovative outdoor sports sportsgrounds


GREEN SPORTS®: many look ahead – we're looking beyond!
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GREEN SPORTS®: reduced footprints in production and use – better for the environment, better for you

Winter Sports

GREEN SPORTS®: eco-friendly in all forms – sustainable planning, production & operation of sportsgrounds and events


GREEN SPORTS®: reduced footprint per person – higher quality and appeal implicates high acceptance und lowers the „eco-footprint“ per user

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GREEN SPORTS®: our passion for sports and motion bring continuous improvement, highest quality and innovation