GREEN SPORTS® and the future

Sustainable for our Planet.

We have recognized that sensible use of natural resources is more than worthwhile. In this respect, we firmly believe that efforts in the field of sustainability are vital nowadays – for us, acting sustainably means taking responsibility, whether from an economic, ecological, or social perspective.

Since sustainability is crucial to our company, we aim to embrace it in everything we do. That’s why the GREEN SPORTS® team has decided to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We share the values that SDGs promote so we are continually implementing them into our corporate identity, behavior, and culture.

Hence, many internal measures, as well as the entire GREEN SPORTS® product range, are already successfully aligned with some of the key points of the 17 SDGs in total.


Good Health and Well-Beeing

At GREEN SPORTS®, we believe that more physical activity improves quality of life for all generations. Preventive healthcare, fitness, as well as deceleration of lifestyle, are becoming more and more important to consumers, and therefore we have set ourselves the goal of creating sports facilities that are suitable for all fitness and age groups. Together with our experts, we have developed our product portfolio to promote physical and mental fitness.

Quality Education

Education is the future – that is the idea we want to promote. In cooperation with sports science experts, we have designed outdoor play equipment for schools and kindergartens that goes far beyond what is available at conventional playgrounds. Our equipment helps children to mitigate mobility deficits through playful learning experiences, and discover their affinity for physical activity. At our playgrounds, those skills are specifically trained and promoted through special sensory stimuli.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Whenever possible, GREEN SPORTS® equipment is produced and installed by local partner companies in the region. Hence, we offer high-quality products that are produced under the best working conditions. We believe that this fair partnership model promotes social sustainability – an essential cornerstone of a functioning economy.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Climate change and its natural catastrophes repeatedly cause considerable damage to our infrastructure. That is why we use particularly durable, resistant materials, adaptable to wind, heat, frost, rain, and all other environmental factors. Additionally, we build our facilities in an environmentally friendly way with as little impact as possible on the surrounding landscape. Environmental preservation is as important as high product quality for GREEN SPORTS®


Responsible Consumption and Production

Sustainable production and avoiding unnecessarily long supply routes are particularly important to us. If possible, we and our suppliers produce the outdoor equipment directly in the region, of course using the highest quality materials. This allows us to avoid long transport routes, and to significantly reduce our ecological footprint. By constantly developing new and more innovative production and compensation models, we strive for zero-emission status.

Climate Action

Measures that benefit the climate are beneficial for us all! GREEN SPORTS® products adopt the latest technologies to minimize processes that are harmful to the climate. For instance, nowadays most business meetings are held via video call. This saves time and also emissions. Concerning mobility – GREEN SPORTS® has converted a significant part of its company car fleet to sustainable e-mobility, which in turn is fueled by a PV charging station on our premises.

Partnerships for the Goals

Sustainability also needs the right partnerships. That’s why we not only want to impress our customers with sustainable and exceptionally high-quality products, but also inspire them with GREEN SPORTS® values. A key component of our corporate culture is the development of sustainable alliances, regional and international, to promote innovative products and processes in line with our principles.