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Opening of Calisthenics Leoben

Clear signal for exercise, sports and health

Mayor Kurt Wallner is convinced: "With the opening of the Calisthenics facility in Leoben- Leitendorf, we send a clear message to promote more exercise, sports and health in Leoben. Everyone is invited to use the equipment to promote physical fitness and well-being." 

Christian Lehner, sales manager of GREEN SPORTS®/Runnersfun, states, "The calisthenics course that we realized in Leoben is the proud result of several years of intensive development and several cooperations with sports scientists and professionals of the calisthenics scene."

Added value for Leoben!

The new facility also provides additional training opportunities for sports clubs. Ulla Prodinger, head of the University Sports Institute Leoben, is pleased about "another great project that sustainably raises the quality of life and corresponds to the active spirit of the times. Especially for the University Sports Institute of the mountain university (USI) with its numerous active people, the facility is a great asset that will make many students, staff and graduates sweat." Sports scientist Carola Rainer emphasizes, "Especially due to the numerous COVID-19 restrictions of the past year, more and more people are looking for a sporting balance in nature. About the health benefits of a combination of strength and endurance training there are already a lot of studies, now this kind of training is possible at the Mur river - a run next to the water with a few strength exercises - just perfect." Thomas Rath, a certified children's fitness trainer who frequently uses the outdoor climbing wall at the Leoben-Innenstadt sports hall with his "Heroes of Tomorrow", sees the new facility as "a special added value and a great addition to the outdoor sports facilities to the city of Leoben."