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SmartGuider® System

Uncontrolled traffic jams are at an end!

With the development of the SmartGuider System (SGS), GREEN SPORTS® launches a visitor guidance platform that enables decision-makers of attractions and tourist destinations to actively intervene in the traffic situation. Potential visitors are informed about available parking options in real time before they arrive, and are recommended alternative destinations or transportation methods as needed. This approach causes less parking chaos, unnecessary CO2 emissions and most importantly – relaxed guests!

Your all-in-one solution for sustainable mobility management!

The SmartGuider® is an information and guidance system that links tourist and leisure attractions with potential visitors. All major attractions within a tourist destination (hiking, biking, skiing, water sports, events, gastronomy & shopping etc.) can be integrated on the platform. Hence, the SGS functions also as an additional marketing – and information channel for local businesses. Furthermore, the attractions with are showcased on the platform can be adapted to seasonally changing tourism services in a matter of seconds.