Green Sports® News

Opening Himberg near Vienna

Countless possibilities for more physical and mental fitness in Himberg!

Green Sports® created a nature-based fitness and well-being park , which extends over an area across three villages. The publicly accessible facility offers nature based experiences concerning movement, sport and relaxation to people of all fitness levels. The first project of its kind in Europe.

The park offers a variety of different outdoor fitness courses, calisthenics courses, Brainwalks®, boulder walls and running & walking trails. Visitors can improve their own physical and mental health at countless stations, in order to increase individual well-being and life-quality.

Connectedness in activity

Various "thematic islands" invite visitors to learn about meadows, forests and their animal inhabitants along the nature trail. Particularly among the younger target audience this is intended to create even greater awareness to be mindful of the local flora and fauna.

The Himberg nature and relaxation park is a role model of a sustainable leisure projects in a public space. Hence, a great facility for educational purposes.

„I am proud that it has been possible to realize this unique
intergenerational project, which contributes significantly to
increase in the quality of life in all parts of the village, to our
citizens of Himberg, Pellendorf and Velm“

Bürgermeister Ing. Ernst Wendl